My name is Miguel, a fashion enthusiast who happens to live in the South. I have always enjoyed talking about runway shows - both in men and women - and other style news or inspirations that catch my attention, which is the main reason why I decided to create this blog. Even though I know I may not be an excellent writer, it feels satisfying for me to write about a fashion show, a new item I've discovered, or events happening in the fashion scene during my spare time.

I decided to call this blog Styled and Framed for a few simple reasons. There is something about street style photography and campaigns that just catch my attention. When I come across someone stunning like Anna Dello Russo, David Gandy, or a well put fashion campaign, I love framing these pictures and hanging them in my room. If you're styled nicely, then you're framed. Simple.

To be honest, I don't consider myself a superb trendy guy. In my perspective, I'd say I'm more of a mess that doesn't take fashion to the extreme - pink colored hair, wacky prints, etc.  When it comes to clothes, I find details and quality the major trigger to purchasing an item. For me, style is what matters, because no one will ever be the same. Expensive or accessible, everyone has a different taste. Style is personality and it's what makes fashion even more interesting when you're styled and framed. Same for the girls. 

I hope you also get to enjoy this personal blog with other subjects I plan to include in the future like food. Coming from a Mexican background, there is always a lot of cooking going on in our home. If cooking is part of your hobby then why not include it. As well, maybe other special subjects that come along the way.

And I thank you for stopping by this blog (if you've read this far), and hope we can share good formal opinions. 

If you have any questions or comments, or would like me to write about something, do not hesitate to contact me at styledandframed@gmail.com



Styled and Framed Director