A View on Men Dressing Casual Today

guys modern casual dressing

As I put together new items to include into my next summer vacation, I’ve come to realize that my wardrobe has become far more casual than what one would think a guy who devotes his time to fashion would have – a whole collection of colorful and patterned slim fitted suits and button down shirts. I blame social media with how style has changed the way we perceive things as being acceptable and on trend. Today, casual doesn’t refer to just a plain t-shirt and jeans. In my dictionary it means having an effortless sense of style without overdoing it, or imagining your weekend in the Hamptons to be clearer. 

Lately, I’ve been having an affair with denim over colored pants/trousers. Whether that is pairing it over a blazer or a cardigan for those breezy temperatures that April hits us with spasmodically, a good fitted jean seems to make everything so much easier to match clothes with.  I personally find slim jeans paired with a subtle button-down shirt and loafers the best alternative to those days when you’re in a hurry to go somewhere. But maybe that’s just me with my grown southern boy ideas who tries as much as he can to avoid sneakers and plain t-shirts all the time to land on the little kid territory. 

My views though have started to change and rely on making something look quietly sumptuous yet practical. I feel as I grow up, I tend to pay more attention in how I dress and develop a much more mature aesthetic. Shorts for instance are worn very sparingly and instead traded in for linen pants. Suits….. I am not yet fully committed to them, but they do open a whole different feeling of maturity and success when worn. 

Now that I’m in my 20’s, I believe it’s the perfect time to experiment with your personal style. There are so many styles that I had not been aware I would appreciate if I were younger. Right now it’s somewhat casual for me, but tomorrow it may just be a three piece plaid suit. It's a roller coaster happening with my style at this moment. 

Details of items show above (starting from top left):

  1. Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses
  2. Miansai leather woven bracelet
  3. Brooks Brothers dark green cardigan
  4. Cole Haan Vartan Sport Oxfords
  5. Diesel skinny jeans
  6. J.Crew button-down checked shirt
  7. Movado watch
  8. Tod’s leather loafers

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