Gucci Men's Fall 2015 - The New Future

gucci mens fall 2015 runway show

An exclusive Gucci tailored for a whole new customer. If this is what Kering – the company that owns Gucci – was visioning, than it sure did get something drastically unexpected from a brand that has been renowned and praised in the luxury market for its portrayal of young, rich boys who know how to roll. And it seemed that after Frida Giannini’s early departure from the label, the fashion crowd would be eager to see how the new Gucci guy would dress - perhaps edgier - under a whole new design team led by a man under the name of Alessandro Michele, who has been the accessories head designer for the brand since Giannini took over. But what we witnessed at Gucci’s fall 2015 mens wear show was edgier in another form of language: chiffon pussy bow blouses and lace-tops.

“Urban romanticism” is what the design team described the collection as. There were an abundance of those tops paired with super relaxed pants worn with mink fur-lined slippers or sandals. I found it quite mien though wanting to remove any bond that had to do with Mrs. Giannini’s work at Gucci – no skinny pants, horsebit loafers, and striking evening suits that would be shown at the finale what so ever. In my opinion, this collection had an extreme wacky resemblance to Prada in terms of silhouettes and style. Nothing seemed practical besides some luxe outerwear pieces and possibly suit jackets if worn separately. The only items that seemed to make the cut here were the accessories like splendid rings that had a vintage resemblance, Gucci embossed leather belts, and sueded bags. 

I have to state though it was a very thrilling and risky presentation (in fashionable terms) nonetheless to experience from such a prestigious brand that carries a name like Gucci. There seemed to be some positive support though considering the whole collection was put together in less than a week. And that does deserve some applause knowing the pressure a team goes through making a collection from scratch, even though word on the street was that the team decided to discard Giannini’s half processed work. 

For magazine editorials, I believe they will surely serve some purpose. Out of the fashion scene, would this be the label to attract celebrities once again like James Franco and party boys like it has been doing so far? 

The real question here is, if this is the right path this billion dollar company should take to drive sales gracefully as Saint Laurent and others have been doing for Kering? Who knows? It’s still too early to judge, but if this was a week worth of work, I'm curious to know what a months worth of work will result.

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