Gucci Men's Fall 2015 - The New Future

gucci mens fall 2015 runway show

An exclusive Gucci tailored for a whole new customer. If this is what Kering – the company that owns Gucci – was visioning, than it sure did get something drastically unexpected from a brand that has been renowned and praised in the luxury market for its portrayal of young, rich boys who know how to roll. And it seemed that after Frida Giannini’s early departure from the label, the fashion crowd would be eager to see how the new Gucci guy would dress - perhaps edgier - under a whole new design team led by a man under the name of Alessandro Michele, who has been the accessories head designer for the brand since Giannini took over. But what we witnessed at Gucci’s fall 2015 mens wear show was edgier in another form of language: chiffon pussy bow blouses and lace-tops.