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Online shopping today for men can be one of the easiest yet time consuming methods of shopping for clothes, especially when the size you ordered doesn’t fit or look good as you might have thought it would. And even worse is when the clothes you were counting for an event will have to be delayed because of return shipping and refunds. It’s a stress no one needs. Therefore, Bonobos – an online destination menswear retail site – has dedicated and focused on creating great-fitting clothes that make the shopping experience for men painless. 


Fashion News: Designer Collaborations, and More

marisssa webb and roland mouret
From left: Designers, Marissa Webb and Roland Mouret.

Marissa Webb seems to be one New York designer who just landed one her most important yet riskiest jobs of her career that could take her to the top (not that she hasn’t already) of the fashion industry. Just this week, she was announced as the new creative director of Banana Republic. The profits at Republic haven’t been all that sweet for quite a long time. And to be honest, I tend to forget the brand still exists when you have other mega retailers like Express, H&M, and Zara capturing all the attention. The brand does need a major renovation, and Marissa Webb seems to be the ideal person to do the job investors are looking forward to seeing: attention, uniqueness, and money. 


Resort 2014 Designer Collections Worth Looking At

The South is probably the most conservative of all states to savor a good dose of fashion. As you may already know, most designers have already presented their newest Resort 2014 collections that are now available in most retail stores. 

I have come to the point of analyzing several collections most women here could come to an agreement with me - in the deep South - that the following collections are perhaps a win for their closet. Having a great knowledge for fashion here is not necessarily needed as it would for a designer (runway) collection. The main goal of a resort collection is to really, short and simple, see what pieces sell the fastest, and what pieces stay on the floor the longest. It can become quite a stressful time, since most retailers want to see profit and clothes selling and selling. 

Most designers have to let go of their artistic (couture) abilities and turn on their marketing skills for resort. All customers want here is easy, luxurious, no drama pieces to wear any season or occasion. Yes, it can be quite challenging for some, but as long as most of the resort collections sell out, all is fine.

Below are just a few of the resort collections, who in my opinion, think have a potential of connecting with many customers, or simply sell out pretty good. 

Prabal Gurung Resort 2014 Prints

Vibe: Sophisticated Geometric Prints.

Prabal Gurung has got a big win in this collection. This is what most women seek in a resort collection: something that has the designers elements (prints for Prabal) in an outfit and feels appropriate to wear for any occasion. His talent for designing incredible works of art keeps growing as the seasons pass, making him a more recognizable international designer for many. Prabal Gurung is a must have for Resort 2014. A great piece to add to your next summer wardrobe is the printed leather trench coat for those chilly and rainy days. Simply hot.


A Denim Jacket Is Never out of Season

mens denim layering basics

While spring may have arrived, and the sun begun to warm up the days, it doesn’t mean it’s still time to incorporate your tank tops and denim-cut shorts into your looks. The truth is the weather is still in between – cold in the morning, hot in the day, and back again to cold at night – a time that doesn’t allow one to wear lesser clothes unless you’re somewhere in the Caribbean or Miami right now.