7 Style Guidelines To Look Your Best For Any Special Occasion

editorial of men in fitted suits
Photo: GQ Italia

April is a month where most high school girls are prepping up for their so desired prom event. Most of them are running around like psychos searching for the perfect dress to put them on the so recalled “Best Dress List," and keeping extreme diets; at least this is what one can come across in the South.

For guys, it’s a whole different situation. Just as the perfect dress makes a girl sparkle, a well fitted suit gives authority to a man. It’s not about “Hey, I’ll just grab this suit and wear it.” Yes, it may take some time and money to find that single suit that fits like a glove, but the time will be well worth everything, because nothing says masculine than a man in a fitted suit. 


Shoes are What Make the Man

Top Left to Right: Dolce and Gabbana Men's Spring 2014 lace-ups, Dior Homme, and Prada sneakers.
Bottom Left to Right: Calvin Klein Collection Men's Spring 2014 shoes; Louis Vuitton Men's silver oxfords