Clothes for Grown-Ups

victoria beckham fall 2014

I believe there’s nothing better than beginning your Sunday morning with your husband, David Beckham, and four beautiful kids, sitting front row to support mommy. Victoria Beckham seemed to have it all. The entire Beckham family, and a collection filled with clean and long silhouettes. 

Last season, her tomboy looks weren’t a sensation as her ruffled skirts and geometric organzas, but she seemed to have found a spark that was widely enforced again in this collection………a couture vibe that felt superbly rich in basic colors – black or white. There was inspiration. 

Cashmere coats that looked nice with a gold chained closure were stunning from the back – beautifully pleated with love. 

Prints, even though not new, were pleasing coming from this label in pleated effects. Ruffles also felt reminiscent of Lanvin, but she treated them with delicacy in organza. She’s taking risks I have to say. Because we know she can be more recognized for her immaculate body-hugging dresses – everything tight – compared to this more relaxed and serious grown-up collection she delivered.

Take for instance her interpretations of eveningwear you wouldn’t think of finding here. A subtle black pleated number worn with a cream camisole underneath and gold chained belt to a full ivory ruffled one had potential of a red carpet moment with a little alteration. That’s what a real designer does. And this season, she performed her risk with class. 

derek lam fall 2014

Derek Lam is the one who knows his type of women pretty darn well. Mature with an exquisite taste for color injected into simple cuts where textures and fabric do the talking. 
Let an opening pale pink, boucle coat worn with a green, cashmere turtleneck and a sumptuous light camel, hair calf skirt do the execution. Or a glossy forest green, leather jacket captivate everyone with those detailed cuts that were noticeable. 

I loved his generous use of knits – made in a sense that appeared they weren’t complicated to achieve – in ribbed cashmeres and other boxy-cut styles that worked perfectly with his casual-luxe vision. I was more into a terrific patchwork leather skirt; it looked refined and un-tacky with a simple black knit and nicely cut suit jacket. 

For his finale, he sent out a few dresses that were split and then held together with gold beads. They weren’t my cup of tea like the rest, but either way, they concluded the presentation with practical clothes that were minimalistic crafted in the most luxurious manners. 

yigal azrouel and thakoon fall 2014

Over at Thakoon and Yigal Azrouel, there were the same types of mature elements appearing in different views.  Azroul’s best hits were his pleated hemmed dresses and midi’s, and collaged printed shirts and dresses that were cut to simulate a cape. 

Thakoon Panichgul didn’t have such a good sense of style with his collection, but once these clothes were taken apart, you could find pretty pieces a lady would wear. Take for instance those shoulder tops or flared skirts that were a huge leap from his previous kitschy spring collection. 

It was still refreshing to see all these designers pull off luxury with such grace and maturity.

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