What Do Prada, Gucci, and Versace Have in Common?

gucci womens fall 2014 dresses

Quiet. Sensual. Commercial. It was what these designers had in mind this season. Prada, Gucci, and Versace may be one of the most outspoken labels in Milan, but what they brought to Milan’s fall 2014 fashion week this time was softer and savvy compared to their own more rigid signature styles. They imbued the same mood, just in a different character.


Are Designer Jeans an Investment or a Status?

expensive designer jeans brands

It is no secret that today you’ll see many more companies investing all their money in solely producing great quality jeans that will attract a customer’s attention; collaborations seems to rocket their credibility. 


Staying Modern for Carolina Herrera and Donna Karan

carolina herrera fall 2014

It is no secret that Carolina Herrera’s collections are always a reflection of herself – clothes are what she’d wear. But over the past few seasons, I’ve felt the designer beginning to look more into the future. Youth is the market today, which is something she’s achieving with class. And I love how diligently she’s opening a place for young girls of society to wear her clothes. 


Clothes for Grown-Ups

victoria beckham fall 2014

I believe there’s nothing better than beginning your Sunday morning with your husband, David Beckham, and four beautiful kids, sitting front row to support mommy. Victoria Beckham seemed to have it all. The entire Beckham family, and a collection filled with clean and long silhouettes. 

Just a Dose of Drama

prabal gurung fall 2014

A streaker crashes Prabal Gurung’s fall 2014 collection. Editors are still wondering if it’s worth making it to Alexander Wang’s Brooklyn show; I’m curious to know what Anna Wintour took. These were just some of the stories we were hearing everywhere going to some of the top designers shows. But I never even gave a dime for what the rest were commenting. I was more focused witnessing the events occurring at Saturday’s presentations. 

So, where do we begin?


Day 2: Designers Began Placing Signatures

jason wu fall 2014

Have you not noticed that as New York keeps adding more shows to the day, it only gets more luxurious and distinguished? You start to see designers creating what fashion is all about. Day one in particular seemed to be ultra-commercial compared to some of today’s collections that will only get better come Saturday. 

This morning in general, I started off the day enjoying a wonderful Starbucks coffee I’ll probably end up picking up for the rest of the month to fill me with energy. I know I’m not going to be the only one consuming caffeine to stay awake from the long hours of watching runway shows and writing afterwards at midnight. I don’t mind it at all, and so won’t my Starbucks nearby. And why? Simple. If you have not yet tuned in to fashion week, now it’s the time to settle for a week (or a month) that promises to bring a series of heated debates to the shows; Prabal Gurung, Altuzarra, and Wang will be the ones to inaugurate it tomorrow.


Keeping a Nice Balance

Mens fall wardrobe staples

As you may already realized, New York fashion week is currently being held. What does that mean? Time to take out your best items you've been wanting to show off for quite some time.

Personally, I'm not all about wild head-to-toe metallic prints. Sure, they are attention for street style photographers if you want to get noticed, but I prefer balance. Nothing says better than a well dressed man with confidence who knows how to keep a trendy proportion between color and accessories.

I've been catching on the most recent menswear shows in New York, and as you know, I will have something bias to say about these collections soon. But for right now, I leave with a casually-formal collage I simply enjoyed putting together. Simplicity is sometimes even more luxurious.

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Burberry navy peacoat, J.Crew gingham shirt and dark green pants, A.P.C. leather boots, Valentino leather bracelet, and Ray-Ban sunglasses - All available at Mr. Porter.

Kenneth Cole leather buckled gloves and Coach bag, available online.

Day 1: More Space for Youth

nicholas k and richard chai fall 2014

Lately, there’s been a demand to fix the drama that has been going on over the past few years at New York fashion week. Oscar de la Renta was amongst the first to make news by cutting off half of people who made no sense in attending his show. The reason you invite press is so they can expose you in some shape or form. If not, why attend? Makes sense to me.


The Stars of Paris Men's Fashion

paris mens fall 2014 details
Close-ups (left to right): A graphic sweater from Raf Simons; a red sequined striped dinner jacket from Saint Laurent; appliqué navy shirt and white/blue sneakers from Lanvin.

It can often be stated that Paris is the city of lights. But you could also agree that it is one of the most intriguing fashion capitals in the world – particularly what concerns Paris men’s fashion week. It’s not just about another well fitted suit or coat designers present here. Innovation and creativity explodes (and are often risky), which make these collections even more exciting to watch. And even though designers today focus more on marketing their brands worldwide, it is the ones who present at Paris who understand designer clothes are really meant to evoke emotion, art, personality, and luxury in what you wear; in other words, special clothes that make you stand out. 

Raf Simons and Saint Laurent are perhaps one of the two biggest highlights of Paris. For the most part, I believe it has to do with the controversy these two rivals create. One’s more about emotions. The other more about hardcore personality.