Runway Review| Victoria Beckham's Lengthy Sensuality

Victoria Beckham Fall 2013 Lengthy Sensuality

I can’t believe it has been about five years since Victoria Beckham first launched her eponymous line. As a fashion addict I’ve only had an understanding of her label for about two years. When I first heard of her collection, I can’t deny I thought it was going to be one of those dull celebrity collections with no significance to the real world of fashion.

Dull is an unacceptable description to describe Victoria’s position today in fashion. Today, Victoria has shown she’s grown and matured with her collection as I’d state in fashionable terms. In other words, she has gained my respect, not as a celebrity, but as a true designer.

Sexy, skintight silhouettes are a ritual of Beckham’s presentations (no surprise). For fall, things were changed, as for there were some stunning surprises I wasn’t expecting.

Turtlenecks became her new sexiness embracement. Mandarin collared tops were deeply sliced for those women eager to show some skin. Other tops, dropped shoulder seams, added a special VB signature.

Length was a main factor on the runway, as for most dresses were dropped below the knee.  A decency that provoked sensuality.

Outerwear was by far one her best numbers in this collection. Who knew she would execute outerwear so well?  A checked tweed coat with an intense, blue leather bottom was perfect for next fall, providing that masculine trend so popular right now.  A black pony skin jacket with brown sleeves oozed confidence in Victoria’s designs.

Knitwear, such as a black turtleneck with a vibrant yellow triangle, were striking for there first introduction.

For evening, menswear inspired tuxedos became another new staple. I was quite intrigued as to how she turned her tuxedo into a cape-like form; a stand innovation.

Overall, makeup and hair portrayed convincingly the woman who seeks to wake up and look radiant on a demanding schedule; one Victoria knows very well how to manage.

Victoria Beckham at her Fall 2013 Collection

I have to confess, after this collection (no pressure VB), what else can you bring to the table now?  

*This post belongs to one of the very first reviews I began to fit my own personal opinion on designer collections.*

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