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Part 2 of 2: A review of Stella McCartney, Elie Saab, and Saint Laurent Spring 2014 Collectionsspring 2014 details of saint laurent sequin dress

A close-up of a Saint Laurent SS14 red zebra and bow-tie sequined dress; a Stella McCartney patchwork lace dress; a red embroidered Elie Saab dress.

stella mccartney spring 2014 collection

I respect how Stella McCartney has developed her own niche that works so well for the label. Her clothes are always chic, sexy, and comfortable looking with the sportiness she injects into them. Although lately, I believe she may be having too much of a commercial or resort thing stuck in her mind. We were all dying for her edgy relaxed silhouettes that worked for all women when she started, but with so many new designers and high competition today she's staying behind compared to other designers who have developed much more intense creativity. 

She hasn’t lost it all though. Some that were noteworthy here were her interpretations of slimming track suits that came in feminine colors - burgundy, blue, and rose - that focused on the daily needs that have attracted her customers. And those final splendid dresses – colorful patchworks of lace that looked beautiful in the front and back – will have her women very content for another season.

elie saab spring 2014 embroidered dresses

Elie Saab also appears to be mixing in commercial and his signature lace and embroidery in his ready-to-wear collections. All there is to say is that they make a beautiful collection his loyal customers and young girls will be pleased with in delicate pink, white, green, red, and black. Floral prints and appliqué statements were a plus. 

saint laurent women's spring 2014 dress

I’ve already talked about Hedi Slimane as new creative director for Saint Laurent. While on the runway this collection may look trashy and horrible on some of those skinny models, these clothes look superbly different on real people – Kate Upton, Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson – and even normal on his menswear counterpart. There is power to these looks and if Slimane wants to shock the fashion world again, it’s hard to now, because most of us feel comfortable with what he offers. It’s just a matter of imagining someone perhaps like Johansson in them (minus those kitsch sock heels). 

He presented again his grungy leather pieces – skirts, pants, biker jackets, dresses, suits – and emphasized still on chiffon button-down shirts, slim fitted tuxedo cigarette pants paired with borrowed men’s suits. What felt new was a sequined dress, like one he sent out the runway at the beginning of the show and another red zebra stripped dress with a sequin bow-tie wrapped around the waist. There were also cropped jackets, a red sequined striped top, sequined silver-y suits and miniskirt combo, and his final half-sleeve with a puffed up shoulder embroidered with sequined red lips that stated grungy luxury.

He also included color like a deep-cut green mini and asymmetrical blue dress, and a pink strapless one over a black blazer. I personally found a gold metallic wrapped dress he showed would make a great statement for those girls with special attitude.

 Overall, this wasn't a bad collection if you first learn to see it from a different perspective. As long as those cash registers keep ringing, nobody else gives a damn what haters have to say. He's just doing his job now, making this label return to everyone's mouth. And trust me, these clothes do look much more inviting on the floor (retail store) then on the runway.

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