Spring 2014 Reviews: Victoria Beckham, Derek Lam, and More

Victoria Beckham Spring 2014

Victoria Beckham really stepped it up this season. She was looking for a boyish sportswear tailoring look, and she made it look flawlessly chic. Other designers have really gone for the tomboy 90s looks, but not her. There were so many special pieces in this collection that separated her from other designers themes that looked overt (I could name several now). Fashion is not meant for everyone – not even for celebrities who get criticized harshly when in a collaboration – but Victoria Beckham is not a celebrity anymore, she’s a designer who has earned the respect of many. 

She’s gaining confidence (and a good one) in outerwear. She began her show with a relaxed black and white ruffled top and cropped pants (these contained a very sharp tailoring) paired over a crispy white rounded shoulder suit jacket. There was only one white baseball jacket she showed – detailed with black cuffs and collar, and transparent sheer sleeves – that was breathtaking. Her sleeveless suit vests were also noteworthy. Yes, it was only a small percentage of outerwear, but enough to go for one (or two in another color).

 Now, if there was anything that assured Victoria Beckham’s designer aesthetics for details and high-tech fabric combos were the following: her midi skirts slashed to show details of pleats underneath (an interesting way to show creativity on layering), and her laser-cut inverted triangles – in fuchsia and white - etched on shirts. Beckham is better known for her immaculate glove-fitted dresses every women dreams of, but this new soft tailoring collection sure does have another run for the money. Oh, and if you wondered how Mrs. Beckham dressed for her applause, she wore a white shirt with her cropped blacked pants. So posh. 

derek lam spring 2014 dresses

Derek Lam is a designer who has been designing clothes for women. Sounds obvious, but that’s the only thing that comes to mind when you see his collections. His graphic checked prints were simply easy on the eye. That is what women want. Luxury clothes that looks effortless and gorgeous. There were some that may have not loved this collection, being that Mr. Lam designs for a more mature lady. But for the woman who has the opportunity to encounter with a Derek Lam piece, she sure has come across a beautiful treasure. 

He had lots to offer for next spring 2014; his color-block numbers from last season have been a sensation. His belted coats – washed gray and blue denim – may have looked minimal, but at a close-up you could appreciate all its details. Highly structured raffia skirts (especially one in yellow) and dresses were luxurious for such a fabric. These is how we’d want our mature girls rocking something out, and for younger girls, those gladiator heels. 

dkny spring 2014 women's

DKNY, Donna Karan’s youthful sister label, conveyed a good energy for next season. Sportswear was yet again the theme of Karan’s spring 2014 presentation. Honestly, there never seems to be an inspirational theme that focuses on each collection, but the cool sporty looks make up for the uncertain themes. It is a ready-to-wear line after all, and DKNY finds ways to make each season seem different. 

Her vintage bandana prints were refreshing, while her denim fabrics – overalls and patchwork jeans – sent a 90s vibe that later affirmed with her sneaker looks and logo dresses. Her lavender and turquoise numbers projected much more girl power. One silk orange spaghetti strap dress Karlie Kloss wore seemed appropriate for a casual day to go shopping for some groceries. 

dvf spring 2014 collection

Diane Von Furstenberg also had an “oasis” going on at her show. Her clothes never fail, are always marketed at fair prices and best of, are made for any type of curvy woman. We can tell she never thinks about clothes they way she wants them to be on skinny girls. Yes, thin models model her collections, but right away there are many options for women to choose from here.

There were selections of wilder prints to more tone down ones. She went from nice cropped tops to color-block and animal print gold buttoned denim shirts made for everyone. And her iconic wrap dresses updated to still look good on any woman.

 The most important part of wearing a DVF piece is having fun in it, and that’s what some of her smiling and graceful models were projecting. This is why she is the president of the CFDA. She herself is her own muse, managing to look youthful in anything she wears at her age, and so should you in her designs. Maybe that’s why she had the queen of the runway, Naomi Campbell, confirm that in one short gold embroidered dress. Age has no limits at DVF.

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