Meister - A New Stylish Mens Watch Brand Worth Knowing

Meister mens gold stylish watch

A watch is more than just a simple piece of accessory for a man. From an item that can convey an attitude, or discretely signify a symbol of status or lifestyle, watches will always be a man’s best friend no matter what circumstances.  Because who said you need to break the bank to own a good watch? 


A View on Men Dressing Casual Today

guys modern casual dressing

As I put together new items to include into my next summer vacation, I’ve come to realize that my wardrobe has become far more casual than what one would think a guy who devotes his time to fashion would have – a whole collection of colorful and patterned slim fitted suits and button down shirts. I blame social media with how style has changed the way we perceive things as being acceptable and on trend. Today, casual doesn’t refer to just a plain t-shirt and jeans. In my dictionary it means having an effortless sense of style without overdoing it, or imagining your weekend in the Hamptons to be clearer. 


Gucci Men's Fall 2015 - The New Future

gucci mens fall 2015 runway show

An exclusive Gucci tailored for a whole new customer. If this is what Kering – the company that owns Gucci – was visioning, than it sure did get something drastically unexpected from a brand that has been renowned and praised in the luxury market for its portrayal of young, rich boys who know how to roll. And it seemed that after Frida Giannini’s early departure from the label, the fashion crowd would be eager to see how the new Gucci guy would dress - perhaps edgier - under a whole new design team led by a man under the name of Alessandro Michele, who has been the accessories head designer for the brand since Giannini took over. But what we witnessed at Gucci’s fall 2015 mens wear show was edgier in another form of language: chiffon pussy bow blouses and lace-tops.


Casual Cool for New York Fashion Week

new york fashion street style outfit

With New York fashion week just around the corner (in less than a week), there are sure to be a number of men taking formality to a more comfortable and casual approach this season. But casual doesn't mean pairing a t-shirt and jeans with sneakers. Unless you're a model, you guys know what I am referring to: a sleek detailed blazer, slim-fitted chinos, a wanting pair of shoes, and some diminutive amount of eye-catching accessories. Oh, and of course, a well groomed appearance. 

Suits will never go out of style, and are sure worth an investment, yet there is something about making a casual look feel preppy and cool with a touch of your own personal style that makes fashion week far more enjoyable for every street style photographer. I personally will be looking out for some inspirational outfits to incorporate into my closet next week. 

These looks can be found at Mr. Porter and East Dane.

Suit: Marc by Marc Jacobs//Brogue shoes: Marc McNairy//Shirt: J.Crew//Leather Tote: BillyKirk//Watch: Daniel Wellington